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New York teens who are texting and driving is a growing problem

There are many teen drivers in New York and while they are undoubtedly excited to get their driver's license, that does not mean they fully understand the risks involved with being on the road. Many will treat it without the required seriousness, operate their vehicles recklessly and take part in risky activities behind the wheel. Today, some of the most dangerous acts that drivers can indulge in involve texting and driving and other levels of distracted driving. Research has been examining the combination of teen drivers and texting and driving and found that it is a problem in New York.

Boy on bike suffers serious injuries after hit-and-run

Drivers in New York are expected to keep a close eye on everything and everyone on the road to ensure safety. This is especially true in the summer, when there are children out on bicycles and just out and about in the street. When there is an accident, it is important that the driver remain at the scene to make certain that those who were hit are uninjured. If there are injuries, it is crucial to call for emergency assistance. When there are serious injuries, the family must make sure they understand their potential right to pursue compensation in a legal filing.

Study shows August has high frequency of auto accidents

Drivers in Staten Island and throughout New York certainly understand the dangers of being on the road in a city that is so busy. However, the cause of the auto accidents can vary. When there are serious injuries and fatalities, those who have been injured will face many issues that might necessitate legal action if they want to be compensated.

Report: Injury and death when giving birth a problem in the U.S.

New Yorkers who are expecting a child will undoubtedly look forward to the addition to their family and have a positive image of what the future will hold. Unfortunately, despite the perception that a mother giving birth has become routine, there are still risks to the mother and newborn. The dangers for mothers in the United States are worse than previously thought as new research indicates. In that research by USA Today, the U.S. was found to be the riskiest place to give birth among all developed countries.

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