Report: Injury and death when giving birth a problem in the U.S.

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2018 | Medical Malpractice

New Yorkers who are expecting a child will undoubtedly look forward to the addition to their family and have a positive image of what the future will hold. Unfortunately, despite the perception that a mother giving birth has become routine, there are still risks to the mother and newborn. The dangers for mothers in the United States are worse than previously thought as new research indicates. In that research by USA Today, the U.S. was found to be the riskiest place to give birth among all developed countries.

According to the study, there are 50,000 severe injuries and 700 fatalities annually. It also says that the injuries and fatalities could be avoided in half the cases. The problem is that medical professionals fail to adhere to safety protocol when delivering a baby. In the 25 years from 1990 to 2015, there were 26.4 maternal fatalities for every 100,000 births. This is the worst in the world for developed nations. Bleeding and high blood pressure were declared the most frequent causes of maternal death.

During birth, it is important for doctors and the medical staff keep track of the blood pressure to check for hypertension and to gauge how much hemorrhaging is taking place. Rather than use medical devices, the medical professionals are “eyeballing” it, something that is imprecise. Strokes can occur due to blood pressure spikes and other health issues can come about from excessive bleeding. The researchers spent four years examining records and analyzed at least 150 deliveries in which there were mistakes.

When there has been an injury or fatality during childbirth, it can lead to lifelong medical problems and the need for a family to move on after the unexpected death of a loved one. Since a mother giving birth is so common, it can come as a shock that the statistics indicate that the U.S. has a poor record for maternal and newborn health. The investigation into what happened is key. For those who have been damaged, a legal filing should be considered to receive compensation. This is true if there was injury or death. Calling a lawyer is important to pursuing a case.