Tire comes loose from garbage truck, hits car and kills driver

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2018 | Car Accidents

Driving in Staten Island and throughout New York City can be treacherous, but there are risks that go beyond a vehicle running a red light, being operated by a drunk driver, or being driven recklessly.

For instance, large vehicles will often have tools and pieces of equipment attached to them. If something comes loose, an accident can occur.

A civilian employee of the New York City Police Department died when a tire crashed into his windshield as he drove on an expressway. The vehicle he was driving was heading east when a tire came loose from a garbage truck that was heading west and hit his windshield. When first responders arrived, they found the man with a head injury. He was unconscious. He was taken to the hospital and declared dead. The driver who died was believed to be heading for his job. He was married and had three daughters, two in college.

With auto accidents, there are a litany of problems that can come about for the victim and his or her family. Medical expenses, lost income and long-term damage are the ones that immediately come to mind, but there can be much more if the person survives. Lives can change, financial circumstances can be upended and personal lives can be altered forever. With a fatality, these factors are compounded with the emotional, financial and personal aftereffects. This is especially true with college-age children. The investigation is key, especially in unusual accidents.

A civilian who worked in maintenance for the NYPD died when a tire came off a garbage truck and hit his vehicle, killing him. As the law enforcement investigation continues to try and determine the cause of this incident, the man’s family should have legal assistance. A wrongful death legal filing can help them to be compensated for what happened when the tire came off the garbage truck. A lawyer who is experienced with the variety of ways in which there can be accidents and injuries in New York can help.