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Hit-and-run pedestrian accident sends woman to hospital

Accidents are sometimes unavoidable in Staten Island and people are injured and lose their lives because of them. It is a tragedy when this happens and, in many instances, the cause is a driver who is operating a vehicle while distracted, under the influence or is otherwise reckless. With these crashes, one thing is certain: it is important for the driver to remain at the scene to call for emergency assistance and to provide important information. In fact, it is a law that the driver must remain at the scene. Should there be a crash and the driver flees, not only might a person who was hurt suffer worse injuries and even death because of that lack of care, but it is a crime. These are made worse when it is a hit-and-run pedestrian accident.

The vital role of parents in producing responsible teen drivers

Teenagers and automobiles on Staten Island could be dangerous combinations. Safety authorities say young drivers are more likely to be car accident victims than any other age group. For that reason, your responsibility as a parent of a teenage driver to instill the basics of safe driving is enormous.

Studies examine age range of distracted drivers

In New York and across the country, it is known how dangerous distracted drivers are. They can cause crashes with other vehicles, hit bicyclists and pedestrians and cause an untold amount of damage with serious injuries and even death. While legislators and law enforcement officials seek to stop the practice, research is always useful as a method to understand the phenomenon to directly target the people who are most prone to distracted driving. One study from Volvo looked at the age of people who are commonly distracted drivers.

Bus-pedestrian accident kills woman as she crosses street

New Yorkers are keenly aware of the dangers they face when crossing the streets in such a big and busy city. Taking the necessary precautions, such as walking in the crosswalk and making certain to wait for lights to change, or to have the right of way, are all key points to remember. Since there are so many large vehicles and dangerous drivers around the city, it is imperative to remain vigilant. One thing that New Yorkers will often take for granted is that drivers who take to the roads professionally - specifically New York City bus drivers - will be risk averse and cautious. Unfortunately, that is not always the case and fatal pedestrian accidents can happen.

Woman suffers leg injury after Staten Island hit-and-run

There are times when car accidents in Staten Island are unavoidable. The best that those involved in these collisions can hope for is to avoid serious injury. However, some accidents do lead to serious injuries and people will need extensive medical care. In some cases, the injuries are catastrophic and people will lose their lives. What can make these accidents worse is when one of those involved decides to flee the scene.

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