Hit-and-run pedestrian accident sends woman to hospital

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2018 | Pedestrian Accidents

Accidents are sometimes unavoidable in Staten Island and people are injured and lose their lives because of them. It is a tragedy when this happens and, in many instances, the cause is a driver who is operating a vehicle while distracted, under the influence or is otherwise reckless. With these crashes, one thing is certain: it is important for the driver to remain at the scene to call for emergency assistance and to provide important information. In fact, it is a law that the driver must remain at the scene. Should there be a crash and the driver flees, not only might a person who was hurt suffer worse injuries and even death because of that lack of care, but it is a crime. These are made worse when it is a hit-and-run pedestrian accident.

According to a recent report, a 55-year-old woman was injured and hospitalized when she was hit by a car. The car immediately fled the scene and is currently being sought by law enforcement. The accident occurred in the evening shortly before 9 p.m. The woman was almost on the sidewalk when she was hit. She was thrown onto the hood of the vehicle and rolled off. The driver backed up, nearly hit two other people and took off. The woman suffered bruises to her leg and back. She was released from the hospital the day after the crash. There is surveillance video of the accident.

Because New York is a city in which there are a great number of cars and pedestrians sharing the road, there is always a chance that there will be an auto-pedestrian accident. Pedestrians are inherently vulnerable to severe personal injury and death when they are hit by a car. If the vehicle leaves the scene, the incident is substantially worse. The victim can be confronted with massive medical costs, the inability to work, a negative impact on the family and more.

The investigation to find the driver from this recent incident is ongoing. As the case moves forward, the victim should make certain she is protecting her rights after this motor vehicle accident.