Safely reaching the other side when crossing a road near traffic

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Although walking near the buzz of motor vehicles has some inherent risks, the benefits are equally as numerable. As a pedestrian, you may enjoy the freedom of ridding yourself of fuel costs and vehicle maintenance fees, and the exercise you get in the process can be a bonus.

With levels of traffic congestion in many areas of New York that can leave you waiting in line for hours to reach your destination, it might even be faster to travel via the sidewalk. However, should you choose your own two feet over the confines of a vehicle, crossing the street becomes infinitely more hazardous.

Tips for crossing the street near traffic

As you walk near traffic, it would be ideal if the need to cross a busy street was never a concern. However, countless accidents occur at intersections as pedestrians attempt to reach the other side safely. Some tips to help keep you safe when crossing a road may include the following:

  • Adhere to traffic laws: Crosswalks and traffic signals are in place for a reason and attempting to cross the street in other areas may only increase the risk to your safety.
  • Be visible to drivers: As a pedestrian, it is vital to take steps to increase your visibility, such as wearing bright clothing. If walking at night, wearing reflective clothing and carrying a flashlight is advisable.
  • Never assume: Even if you are attempting to navigate a crosswalk or cross at a walk signal, merely assuming nearby drivers will stop and yield the right of way is never advisable.
  • Stay alert: Distraction isn’t only a concern for drivers, and remaining aware and alert while walking is vital to reducing the odds an unfortunate accident will occur.
  • Stick to the light: If you must walk at night or during times of adverse weather, sticking to well-lit areas is advisable.

Unfortunately, adhering to safe walking procedures only goes so far, and on some level, nearby drivers are responsible for your safety. Should a driver hit you, the chances you might suffer serious harm in the process is unfortunately high.

What happens next?

If another party’s negligent decisions cause a dangerous pedestrian accident to occur, you could face the extensive financial hardships that often accompany severe injuries. Although you may wish to pursue restitution accordingly, navigating the civil justice system can be a complex process. You could choose to seek advice from someone with experience in such matters, and in doing so, you may find yourself in a much better position to pursue the restitution you deserve through a personal injury claim.