Crash between bus and fire truck injures several people

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2018 | Car Accidents

Hearing the sound of sirens from emergency vehicles is a part of living in New York City. Since it is such a busy municipality, it is unavoidable that there will be accidents and incidents that require emergency services. That can include an ambulance to help those who are injured, law enforcement vehicles heading to a scene and fire department vehicles rushing to assist others. Coming across these vehicles generally leads to people moving their vehicles to the side to let them pass. However, there are instances when two vehicles are in the wrong place at the wrong time and are unable to react quickly enough to avoid an accident. This is when there can be injuries and fatalities.

An accident between an MTA bus and an FDNY truck led to multiple injuries recently. The incident occurred shortly after noon. The fire engine was on its way to an emergency when it collided with the bus. The fire truck had its sirens on and was turning. The bus hit the back of the truck. A witness stated that the bus driver suffered serious injuries and was bleeding. There were five FDNY members on the truck and 21 people – including the driver – on the bus. All were taken to hospitals for treatment. Most of the injuries were not believed to be serious. The investigation into the crash is continuing.

People who are riding a bus are doing so for a variety of reasons. Perhaps it is their only method of transportation. They might be trying to save money and avoid the hassle of driving. Although this is generally a safe way to travel, it still has its risks. On the same token, fire department personnel are not expecting to be the ones injured in an accident when they are on the way to assist others. A confluence of events can lead to collisions and people can be hurt and even killed.

For those who were on the bus and the personnel on the FDNY truck, it is imperative that they remember the obstacles they might face in the aftermath of this accident. It may be possible to pursue compensation after a crash.