Did a cognitive, visual or manual distraction cause your injury?

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When you get behind the wheel of a car to drive on New York roadways, you are legally obligated to adhere to traffic and safety laws. Doing so not only keeps you in good standing with the state, it also helps improve your chances of safely arriving to your destination. Your own driving skill, caution and alertness, however, may not be enough to keep you out of harm’s way if another driver is cognitively, manually or visually distracted while driving.

These are three of the main types of driving distractions. Thousands of deaths occur every year in this state and others when drivers take their eyes off the road or hands off the wheel. The more you know about such issues ahead of time, the greater chance you have of avoiding collision. If a distracted driver causes you injury, you can seek financial recovery for your losses because the state allows you to pursue litigation against negligent drivers.

Daydreaming is for other occasions

If a nearby driver is thinking about his or her to-do list or is re-hashing a hot date night or a lover’s quarrel in his or her mind while driving, he or she is not properly focused on the task at hand, which means you and any other driver or pedestrian in the vicinity is at risk for injury as long as that driver is present. Being lost in thought is the most common type of cognitive driving distraction.

Hands on the wheel, at all times

If someone is reaching behind a driver’s seat, adjusting radio knobs or eating a super-sized burger while driving, it is highly probable that this type of manual distraction may wind up leading to a collision. Smoking cigarettes, vaping, texting and performing personal grooming while driving are other common manual distractions.

Look at the road ahead

As a safe driver, you understand the importance of staying visually focused on the road ahead and on the immediate traffic area surrounding your vehicle. People who gawk at roadside scenes, try to read billboards or keep looking down at screens on their cell phones or global positioning devices create hazardous conditions that place nearby travelers at risk for injury.

If a distracted driver hits you

Suffering injury in a car accident is bad enough. Knowing that your injuries were easily preventable were it not for another driver’s negligence can cause feelings of anger and frustration following a motor vehicle collision.

It is understandable that you’d have a strong desire for justice when another driver’s negligence causes you to suffer. One of the greatest sources of support in such circumstances is to rely on the skill and experience of a personal injury attorney who knows how to seek legal accountability against any and all parties deemed liable for your injuries.