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Elderly man crossing street killed in car-pedestrian accident

Staten Island pedestrians must be ever-vigilant about motor vehicles when they are out. Cars can end up crashing into pedestrians for a variety of reasons. Obviously, the riskiest time for pedestrians is when they are crossing the street and it is getting dark. Entering wintertime means that it will get dark earlier, adding to the concern and the need for caution.

Winter: An especially dangerous time on New York roadways

New York winters can be brutal. If you have to drive, you likely keep a close watch on weather forecasts during winter months because navigating high-traffic roadways in poor weather conditions is stressful. While you may take necessary precautions to improve safety while driving in winter, you can't control what other motorists do.

Study examines motorcycle accidents and cellphone bans

There are many motorcyclists on the road in Staten Island and throughout New York. There are also many drivers of conventional vehicles who are inattentive drivers and fail to give motorcyclists the adequate amount of room on the road and do not yield as they are supposed to. This can cause motorcycle accidents. Another issue that can lead to motorcycles crashes is distracted drivers. When combining the number of distracted drivers with motorcyclists, it is no surprise that there are accidents with injuries and fatalities. Researchers are examining this issue and trying to come with solutions to make the roads safer. Those who are on the road should pay attention to these potential solutions, as should people who were injured or lost a loved one in a motorcycle crash.

Auto accidents can cause serious injuries - legal help is needed

In Staten Island and across New York City, auto accidents are an unfortunate fact of daily life. These can come in many ways with crashes between vehicles, a vehicle crashing into a bicyclist, and pedestrian-auto accidents. All can cause injuries and death. For people who have been in these crashes, their lives can be radically changed with medical costs, lost wages and the need for long-term care. Families are often confronted with caring for a loved one who needs attention all day, every day. It can be a financial and personal hardship.

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