Auto accidents can cause serious injuries – legal help is needed

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2018 | Car Accidents

In Staten Island and across New York City, auto accidents are an unfortunate fact of daily life. These can come in many ways with crashes between vehicles, a vehicle crashing into a bicyclist, and pedestrian-auto accidents. All can cause injuries and death. For people who have been in these crashes, their lives can be radically changed with medical costs, lost wages and the need for long-term care. Families are often confronted with caring for a loved one who needs attention all day, every day. It can be a financial and personal hardship.

A key part of handling these accidents is understanding the types of issues people can face in the aftermath. The types of injuries will be an important part of knowing what to expect and how the injuries will affect a person’s life and future. Some are clearly more damaging and have longer-range ramifications than others, but all can cause major problems.

When a person has a brain injury of any kind whether it is a concussion or traumatic brain injuries (TBI), they might not seem to be majorly problematic when they first happen. However, since the brain is so vital for daily human function, any damage to it can be an issue. A lack of concentration, headaches, inability to remember and more can result. Back and spinal cord injuries are also worrisome. Whether it is severe damage to the spine where a person cannot use his or her extremities or is limited in movement, or disc issues and dislocation, having back problems can be a lifelong issue.

Cuts, bruises and damage to joints can hinder a person in their daily life. Often this is a short-term injury, but it can still cost time at work and money to repair. Broken bones will take time to heal with physical therapy and other requirements to get back to relative normalcy. The key with any accident is that there are times when the injuries are obvious, times when it is not so clear, and anywhere in between. The first thing a person who is involved in an automobile accident should do is speak to a law firm that understands all aspects of crashes and how to pursue the maximum in compensation in a lawsuit.