Elderly man crossing street killed in car-pedestrian accident

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2018 | Pedestrian Accidents

Staten Island pedestrians must be ever-vigilant about motor vehicles when they are out. Cars can end up crashing into pedestrians for a variety of reasons. Obviously, the riskiest time for pedestrians is when they are crossing the street and it is getting dark. Entering wintertime means that it will get dark earlier, adding to the concern and the need for caution.

When there is a pedestrian accident, it often involves elderly people and children. Since they are among the most vulnerable members of society, it is imperative that drivers keep a close eye on them. When a person is unfortunate enough to be involved in a crash, it is wise to consider a legal filing with help from a law firm that handles pedestrian accidents.

An elderly man was killed when he was hit by a car as he crossed the street. The accident happened not long before 6 p.m. as the man, 90, parked his vehicle and attempted to cross. A red Ford Explorer heading northwest hit him. According to the initial investigation, it is believed the man was going to his doctor at the time. The driver of the Explorer stayed at the scene. It is not yet known whether there was illegal behavior on the part of the driver. The investigation is continuing.

Pedestrians are at the mercy of vehicles. When there is a pedestrian crash, there is a significant chance that there will be brain injuries, spinal cord damage, broken bones and more. It can impact a person’s life forever if they survive. Often, however, pedestrian accidents result in a fatality. Since people are unprotected by a vehicle or anything else, being hit by a car means they will face the full brunt of the crash.

With the funeral expenses, lost companionship and emotional turmoil after a fatal pedestrian accident, it is vital for the family to know whether the driver who hit their loved one was a distracted driver, a drunk driver, or if it was simply an accident. Regardless, a legal filing can be useful to recover compensation for all that was lost after a fatal pedestrian accident.