Study examines motorcycle accidents and cellphone bans

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2018 | Motorcycle Accidents

There are many motorcyclists on the road in Staten Island and throughout New York. There are also many drivers of conventional vehicles who are inattentive drivers and fail to give motorcyclists the adequate amount of room on the road and do not yield as they are supposed to. This can cause motorcycle accidents. Another issue that can lead to motorcycles crashes is distracted drivers. When combining the number of distracted drivers with motorcyclists, it is no surprise that there are accidents with injuries and fatalities. Researchers are examining this issue and trying to come with solutions to make the roads safer. Those who are on the road should pay attention to these potential solutions, as should people who were injured or lost a loved one in a motorcycle crash.

A new study from researchers at the University of Miami and Florida Atlantic University says that states where there has been a ban of people using devices while driving has reduced the number of deaths in crashes with motorcyclists. New York is a state that does not allow drivers to use devices when driving. Still, based on vulnerability, riding a motorcycle will put the rider in danger.

To come to its conclusions, the researchers used the Fatality Analysis Reporting System for 2005 to 2015 and the number of motorcycle deaths there were across the U.S. The numbers were then assessed based on states with legislations regulating cellphone use while driving. In general, people have become safer behind the wheel of a motor vehicle in the past few decades. However, the number of fatalities on motorcycles has not declined. There is mixed information as to how much cellphone bans impact the safety aspect for traffic deaths. But, in this study, motorcyclists were found to be at greater risk of being in a distracted driving accident.

While New York has taken a hard line against drivers using cellphones behind the wheel and this study indicates that motorcyclists are somewhat safer in states where that is the case, there remains the inherent danger of encountering a distracted driver, especially when on a motorcycle. Given the litany of injuries that can occur in a motorcycle crash, such as head injuries, spinal cord injuries and more, a fatality can happen at any time. If it was due to a distracted driver, that can be a critical part of the accident investigation and a legal filing.