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January 2019 Archives

New study shows distracted drivers are still a major risk

In New York and throughout the United States, distracted driving is a major danger to everyone on the road. It does not take a significant amount of effort to look at drivers and see who is holding a device in their hand and is paying attention to it in lieu of watching the road. However, since legislators and law enforcement are increasingly cognizant of the problem distracted drivers present and have taken steps to stop them and issue citations, it was expected to reduce its frequency. Unfortunately, as a new study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) shows, people are still using their devices behind the wheel to an alarming degree.

Damages for pain/suffering may be available following car crash

You were recently involved in a car crash, and unfortunately, you are still feeling the effects of it a week later. For example, you are now suffering persistent headaches, and the accident has left you feeling depressed. Unfortunately, these medical issues are keeping you from being able to concentrate on your daily activities.

Truck-pedestrian accident kills woman in New York

Our roads are dangerous year-round, but there are even greater risks during the winter. Large vehicles are frequently on the road to prepare for inclement weather, and these drivers might not be as vigilant as they should be when they are performing their duties. Another concern with these large trucks is that the vision is limited. People who are crossing the street have the right to expect drivers to take the appropriate care, but that does not always happen. In many unfortunate circumstances, there will be pedestrian accidents involving these vehicles. Many could result in a fatality. Those who have lost a loved one in such a crash should protect themselves by consulting with a lawyer.

Study indicates teen auto behaviors mimic parents

There are many dangers on the road in Staten Island, especially for teen drivers. While the blame for the risks they face are often linked to inexperience, behaving as distracted drivers and more, there are other issues that contribute to the chances of them being involved in or causing car accidents. Studies are done to try and narrow down why these crashes occur and reduce their frequency. One from Liberty Mutual says that teens are mimicking their parents' behaviors behind the wheel.

Taxi opening door causes fatal crash with delivery rider on bike

New York City is exceedingly busy with vehicles, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians needing to share the road. A major part of the city's landscape is the number of delivery people who are constantly on the road. Drivers will frequently fail to be as attentive as they should be and it can cause an accident. Delivery people are at risk because they are often using a moped, a scooter or a motorcycle. When there is an accident between a car and a smaller, two-wheel vehicle, it can cause serious injuries and death. Those who have been affected by such an incident must remember their rights.

Pedestrian accidents more prevalent in 2018

For New York City, the changing of the calendar from one year to another means many things. One is accumulating the statistics from the previous year. Auto accidents must be tracked to determine where safety implementations are showing success and where improvements are needed. While there was an overall reduction in the number of deaths on the road in the city, pedestrians found themselves in greater danger than ever before.

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