Damages for pain/suffering may be available following car crash

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2019 | Firm News

You were recently involved in a car crash, and unfortunately, you are still feeling the effects of it a week later. For example, you are now suffering persistent headaches, and the accident has left you feeling depressed. Unfortunately, these medical issues are keeping you from being able to concentrate on your daily activities.

The silver lining in this gloomy situation is that you can seek compensation for your accident-related pain/suffering if the car crash was due to another motorist’s carelessness. Here is a glimpse at what this process involves in New York.

Pain/suffering damage calculations

If you claim that a fellow motorist caused you to experience pain/suffering, you must prove this. Pain/suffering is basically any mental harm or physical distress resulting from an accident. Pursuing damages for this type of harm can be a challenging process because evaluating pain/suffering is a relatively subjective process. However, it is possible to win a pain/suffering damage award if you present appropriate evidence in civil court.

Collecting your evidence

The kinds of documentation you may want to collect as part of your pain/suffering damage claim include the police report that authorities filed after the crash. You may also collect your medical bills, your health care records and even proof of the prescription medication you had to take after the accident due to your injuries.

You could also ask for notes from your physician, photos of your car crash-related injuries, and even proof of your lost wages as a result of the accident. Collecting the most evidence possible will increase your chances of winning your claim for damages.

How a personal injury attorney may help

When you are seeking pain/suffering-related damages after a car crash that was not your fault, having an attorney on your side can be incredibly valuable. This is because an attorney can guide you in making as compelling of a claim as possible by presenting the right evidence. Your attorney’s goal during this type of civil case will be to help you to get the maximum damage amount possible, considering your circumstances.

If you are successful in your claim, you might receive a damage award that may help you to cover your medical bills and other losses associated with the automobile crash. No amount of monetary compensation can eliminate the negative impact of the accident on your life. However, compensation may help you to move on from your crash more easily.