Truck-pedestrian accident kills woman in New York

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2019 | Pedestrian Accidents

Our roads are dangerous year-round, but there are even greater risks during the winter. Large vehicles are frequently on the road to prepare for inclement weather, and these drivers might not be as vigilant as they should be when they are performing their duties. Another concern with these large trucks is that the vision is limited. People who are crossing the street have the right to expect drivers to take the appropriate care, but that does not always happen. In many unfortunate circumstances, there will be pedestrian accidents involving these vehicles. Many could result in a fatality. Those who have lost a loved one in such a crash should protect themselves by consulting with a lawyer.

A pedestrian accident killed a woman when a city worker crashed into her as she crossed the street. The driver then compounded the incident by fleeing the scene. The accident happened at around 6:30 a.m. when the driver, 33, was operating a sanitation vehicle to spread sand on the road. He was turning left when he hit the woman. A witness said that the driver stopped momentarily and then fled. The woman died at the site of the crash. Law enforcement is trying to identify her and notify her family. The driver was later found and questioned. The investigation is continuing.

Drivers are responsible for their actions behind the wheel and when there is a crash with a pedestrian, they must stop and call for emergency assistance. Many, however, do not and the pedestrian is left in the road without help until he or she is found. Given the nature of an auto-pedestrian accident, people can suffer from severe injuries that can be made worse by a fleeing driver. When it is a driver who is employed by the city, he or she should know better. With the litany of problems that accompany fatal pedestrian accidents including lost companionship, lost personal and financial contributions and other issues, having legal assistance might be the only strategy to be sufficiently compensated.

As the investigation moves forward, the woman’s family should think about their interests. A law firm that helps people after a fatal accident involving a loved one should be contacted for guidance as soon as possible.