Automobile fatalities stay worryingly high according to NSC study

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2019 | Car Accidents

Staten Islanders and people throughout New York should be concerned about auto accidents when they are on the road in any capacity — as drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians. Road safety is an understandable worry since one of the main causes of injury and death in the U.S. is through motor vehicle collisions. While car companies are trying to devise ways to improve safety, driver behaviors are getting worse and, as a result, there has been a stagnation in auto fatality statistics. People who have been injured or had a loved one die in a crash should consider the statistics and the reasons why the accidents happened so they can think about a legal filing for compensation.

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), 2018 was the third consecutive year in which the number of road deaths surpassed 40,000. There is a minor positive in the statistics in that there was a reduction of 231 from 2017 — approximately 1 percent. Still, the numbers are still troublingly high. Since 2014, there has been an increase of 14 percent. As for injuries, 4.5 million people suffered serious injuries in 2018. That too saw a decrease of 1 percent from the prior year. Some states were better than others in terms of improving road safety. In the Metropolitan Area, New Jersey was one state that had a reduction of at least 9.4 percent.

The president of the NSC states that the high number of deaths is unacceptable and steps must be taken to make the roads safer. Finding methods to do so includes a greater reliance on technology and encouraging people to be safer on the road. Although car companies are creating safety measures like automatic braking systems and implementing them in newer vehicles, it is a slow process to equip all vehicles with them. Even with the safety features, the number of distracted drivers, drivers under the influence and reckless drivers is mitigating the safety improvements.

When there is a road fatality, the family who has lost a loved one must consider the funeral costs, lost companionship, lost income and more. With injuries, there will be medical expenses and lost wages. With any accident, there is an emotional effect that must be considered. A law firm that has helped many people with their cases after automobile crashes can assess this information and the individual aspects of a case to come to a decision on how best to pursue compensation. Calling for a consultation and advice is critical.