Some tools may help you to prove fault in car crash

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2019 | Firm News

Experiencing a motor vehicle wreck can no doubt be unsettling. However, in addition to leaving you feeling emotionally and physically shaken, a car crash can leave you feeling frustrated if a fellow driver’s carelessness caused it.

Fortunately, if somebody else’s negligence behind the wheel has caused you to suffer major injuries, it is within your rights to seek to hold him or her accountable in civil court in New York. Two tools — police reports and state law — may help with strengthening your civil case and therefore boost your chances of obtaining monetary compensation for the injuries you have suffered.

Police report benefits

Police are present at car accident scenes when the accidents have caused injuries. Once police arrive at your crash scene and talk to you about what happened, they will generate a report on the collision for you. Before police leave, you might want to inquire about how you can get their police report once it’s filed.

A report filed by police is an extremely powerful tool to use during a personal injury case, as police reports usually provide evidence of liability. For instance, the police officer who created a report on your accident might include in the report his or her thoughts about the reportedly at-fault driver who hit you, and even the road conditions at the time of the wreck. Police might also mention whether the other party received a citation in connection with the wreck.

State law benefit

New York traffic laws can also be helpful for supporting your claim regarding the other motorist’s negligence, causing your injuries. Perhaps the other driver caused your accident by not giving you the right-of-way while turning left onto a nearby street. In this situation, you could refer to a state law regarding left turns. An attorney can help you to figure out which law might prove beneficial to present in your specific case.

You must establish liability before a judge will adjudicate claims for damages in your case. If you are successful in your claim, you may receive a monetary award that might help you to address your medical bills, the loss of wages and other expenses tied to your motor vehicle accident in New York. Monetary damages may also help with addressing emotional distress resulting from the crash.