Staten Island woman seriously injured in pedestrian accident

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2019 | Pedestrian Accidents

When Staten Islanders are out and about as pedestrians, there is an expectation that if they follow the rules of the road, drivers will do the same. However, it is unfortunate that some drivers do not adhere to the basic traffic laws by stopping at red lights, stop signs and fail to yield to pedestrians. To make matters worse, some drivers hit a pedestrian and then flee the scene without regard as to whether the person needs medical attention. For those who were injured or had a loved one killed in pedestrian accidents, having legal advice is vital.

A 45-year-old woman who was in the crosswalk and had the green signal to walk was hit by a turning vehicle that subsequently fled the scene. A witness stated that he saw a white SUV hit the woman. She flew in the air, landed on the hood and then fell on the pavement. According to the victim, it was around 8:45 a.m. She had injuries to her face and legs. She was taken to the hospital.

The witness said the driver appeared to be 50-years-old. She had gotten out of her vehicle and was walking toward the victim. With others helping the victim, she got back into her vehicle and drove away. The witness tried to take a photo of the vehicle and thought about pursuing her, but stayed with the injured woman instead. The investigation is continuing and the victim is expected to survive.

Pedestrian accidents are inevitably far worse for the victim than an accident between vehicles. Pedestrians are lacking the protection of a vehicle and can suffer severe, paralyzing and fatal injuries when they are hit by a car. Broken bones, head trauma, spinal cord damage and much more can result. This can prevent a person from working, contributing to a family and living a normal life. It can force them to face medical expenses that can be exorbitant. Having legal advice is imperative in any pedestrian crash, but it is even more important when it is a hit-and-run as the search for the vehicle and driver and other factors can be complex. It is beneficial to have a legal advocate on the victim’s side.

A woman was severely injured when she was hit by an SUV as she crossed the street. The vehicle fled. The investigation into the crash is continuing and the woman and her family should remember their rights to compensation in a lawsuit. A lawyer who has helped many clients with a claim after a pedestrian accident should be contacted for help and advice.