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Auto crash between car and bus in Staten Island injures six

With the number of vehicles on the road in Staten Island and the growing danger of being in an auto accident, many will choose to take public transportation as an alternative. The wisdom behind this is multi-layered. It saves money, it can improve safety and allows people to relax rather than worry about the dangers of others on the road. However, auto accidents do not discriminate and anyone can be injured in these crashes. After a public transportation accident, having legal advice is critical for everyone involved.

Do not overlook the trauma caused by a car accident

Car accidents involving other automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles or pedestrians happen in Staten Island every day. If you are a victim of a crash, you might not have realized that the emotional and mental impact of such a traumatic incident could continue long after the physical injuries heal. You might need help to prevent long-term trauma.

Study indicates number of distracted drivers getting worse

In New York and across the U.S., smartphones have become so ubiquitous that everyone is seemingly looking at it regardless of what they are doing. That includes when they are driving. Smartphone "addiction" might sound like an odd description, but studies are indicating that it is undoubtedly accurate. People cannot stop themselves from constantly checking their device. This is a common cause of distracted drivers, auto accidents, injuries and fatalities. A new study from Zendrive hammers home this dangerous reality.

Motorcyclist suffers serious injuries due to speeding cop car

So many drivers ignore New York City motorcyclists by failing to yield, do not pay sufficient attention to keep them safe, and operate their vehicles recklessly when sharing the road with them that there are many motorcycle accidents with injuries and fatalities. These motorcyclists have enough to think about in trying to stay safe while doing what they love in riding bikes without having to watch for reckless law enforcement vehicles. However, even police cars can be guilty of failing to watch for motorcycle riders and causing a crash. Those who were injured can file a lawsuit regardless of who was driving the car that caused their accident.

Crash kills car wash worker in New York

Auto accidents can happen in many ways and can cause catastrophic injuries and death. Car wash employees are especially at risk as one wrong turn or accidental acceleration can cause an accident. When people are hurt by a vehicle while at work, it is important to know how to file a lawsuit.

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