Auto crash between car and bus in Staten Island injures six

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2019 | Car Accidents

With the number of vehicles on the road in Staten Island and the growing danger of being in an auto accident, many will choose to take public transportation as an alternative. The wisdom behind this is multi-layered. It saves money, it can improve safety and allows people to relax rather than worry about the dangers of others on the road. However, auto accidents do not discriminate and anyone can be injured in these crashes. After a public transportation accident, having legal advice is critical for everyone involved.

A head-on auto accident involving an MTA bus and a blue Chrysler Pacifica injured six people. The accident happened after 7 a.m. Three people were seriously hurt. All are expected to survive. The bus driver was knocked unconscious in the accident. According to the investigation, the Chrysler was heading south and the bus heading north. The car is believed to have left its lane and hit the bus. The bus’s windshield was cracked. Two people on the bus were hurt in addition to the driver. The investigation is continuing.

Injuries and medical expenses are a key consideration after an auto accident, especially one where a city vehicle was involved. People who have been hurt in this type of crash will often be concerned about how to move forward. The accident investigation is a foundational factor in considering a legal filing to be compensated. This applies not just to the passengers in the vehicle, but to the driver as well. Since injuries can be so severe that people are unable to work, they will also need help to recover lost wages. A legal filing is frequently the only way to maximize their award and cover their losses.

With head-on crashes, the injuries can be catastrophic. After such a crash in which multiple people were hospitalized and one was known to have been knocked unconscious, it is essential to understand the possible problems that can come about in the long and short-term. This applies to injuries and financial concerns. Calling a law firm that is experienced in auto accidents is the first step to a legal filing.