Motorcyclist suffers serious injuries due to speeding cop car

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2019 | Motorcycle Accidents

So many drivers ignore New York City motorcyclists by failing to yield, do not pay sufficient attention to keep them safe, and operate their vehicles recklessly when sharing the road with them that there are many motorcycle accidents with injuries and fatalities. These motorcyclists have enough to think about in trying to stay safe while doing what they love in riding bikes without having to watch for reckless law enforcement vehicles. However, even police cars can be guilty of failing to watch for motorcycle riders and causing a crash. Those who were injured can file a lawsuit regardless of who was driving the car that caused their accident.

A 53-year-old motorcyclist was on the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn when a law enforcement vehicle sped by and cut him off. He fell off his bike and was injured. The accident happened in the mid-morning at around 10:30 a.m. He heard the police cruiser’s siren and saw the vehicle speed by on his left. He lost control of his bike and fell. A friend followed the cruiser and when it got off the Belt Parkway, the lieutenant in the vehicle would not get out. The injured man was taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed as having dislocated both of his shoulders. He also broke his thumb and suffered a shoulder fracture. An investigation is ongoing to determine what happened.

Simply because a law enforcement vehicle or a first responder was potentially responsible for a crash does not limit the victim’s alternatives to seek compensation. An accident can happen to anyone and people who were involved are not protected because of their job. When there are injuries and fatalities in a crash, the victim and the victim’s family have the right to pursue a legal filing to be compensated for medical costs, lost income, long-term damage, pain and suffering and more. These serious injuries are common when there is a motorcycle crash, so having legal assistance from a qualified attorney is a must.

A motorcyclist was seriously hurt after he alleges a police cruiser cut him off and caused him to crash. Given the nature of his injuries and that the crash involved a law enforcement officer, he must be protected immediately. Calling an attorney is imperative to receive compensation for the serious injuries and all he has lost.