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Texting and driving a rising issue with millennials who have kids

In New York, it seems that everyone has a cellphone. Increasingly, people are unable to keep themselves from checking it constantly even during times when they should be focusing on other matters. An especially risky time to be checking a device is while driving. However, texting and driving and accidents linked to it is one of the fastest growing issues across the nation. Researchers seek to understand the phenomenon to devise strategies to reduce the practice and make the roads safer for everyone. As part of this research, a new study shows that there is a surprising category of drivers who are at significant risk: millennial parents.

Driver has separate auto accidents including rear-end crash

Hit-and-run accidents and rear-end collisions are among the most dangerous types of crashes that can happen in Staten Island. In some incidents, there will be a combination of these auto accidents. For people who have been rear-ended, there is a major chance of serious injury including back, neck and head trauma. With that, there can be long-term damage, massive medical costs and the need for extensive treatment and care. If a driver chooses to flee the scene after such an accident, it only makes the situation worse. People who have been hurt in any kind of auto accident must think about the future and weigh their options.

Maternal death related to pregnancy on the rise in the U.S.

For New Yorkers, having a child is one of the most exciting and important moments of their lives. Obscured by the euphoria, it is easy to forget that there are risks with having a baby. While birth has become relatively routine, mothers and newborns are still in jeopardy of serious injury and death as part of the process. Medical mistakes, failure to diagnose, errors with medication and more can lead to terrible consequences. For people who have been confronted with an issue related to pregnancy, it is imperative to consider a legal filing to be compensated for medical expenses, pain and suffering, future care and more.

Fatal motorcycle crash claims life of aspiring attorney

For many New Yorkers, riding a motorcycle is an integral part of their life. They enjoy the freedom that accompanies being on the open road and, despite its inherent risks, are sure to maintain proper safety procedures and wear necessary equipment. Still, motorcycle accidents happen without warning and can lead to serious injuries and death. These can happen to anyone as motorcyclists come from a wide array of backgrounds. For people who have been injured or had a loved one die in a motorcycle crash, the aftermath can be rife with problems. A legal filing is frequently the only way to recover sufficient compensation.

Man arrested after pedestrian death in Staten Island hit-and-run

In Staten Island, it is important for drivers to pay strict attention to pedestrians. This is especially true when there are elderly people and children on the street. Because drivers might speed, behave recklessly, drive while distracted and make other risky maneuvers, pedestrian knockdowns can happen. In a worst-case scenario, these can become fatal pedestrian accidents. To make the situation even more problematic, many drivers will flee the scene after a crash. Hit-and-run accidents will inevitably lead to criminal charges. Law enforcement is vigilant in finding drivers who have fled after a pedestrian accident, so it is imperative that those who have been hurt or lost a loved one have legal help immediately.

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