Texting and driving a rising issue with millennials who have kids

On Behalf of | May 31, 2019 | Car Accidents

In New York, it seems that everyone has a cellphone. Increasingly, people are unable to keep themselves from checking it constantly even during times when they should be focusing on other matters. An especially risky time to be checking a device is while driving. However, texting and driving and accidents linked to it is one of the fastest growing issues across the nation. Researchers seek to understand the phenomenon to devise strategies to reduce the practice and make the roads safer for everyone. As part of this research, a new study shows that there is a surprising category of drivers who are at significant risk: millennial parents.

While parents will warn their children of the dangers of distracted driving, they do not often practice what they preach. Four hundred parents took part in the study. The millennial population is at the age where they are having children and they differ from older drivers in how they behave behind the wheel. In the research, it was found that 52 percent of those between the ages of 22 and 37 – millennials – and 57 percent of people who had kids and were 37 and older said that texting and driving was never safe, almost two out of three said they read texts while behind the wheel. More than half said they sent texts.

The author of the study said the compulsive need to be accessible was a major factor in these statistics. Using a device when behind the wheel diminishes three factors in driving safely: keeping the hands on the wheel, watching the road and maintaining attention. The failure to focus on these issues raises the chance of an auto accident. Regardless of age, a car crash is statistically one of the main causes of death. Sixteen percent of millennials with kids said they had at least one accident in the year before taking part in the study. Ten percent of older drivers with kids said the same.

There are many factors in auto accidents including distraction, recklessness, negligence and driving under the influence. People who are of age to know the requirements to drive safely are expected to set an example for younger drivers. Unfortunately, as this survey shows, many do not. When there is a crash, there can be injuries and fatalities costing its victims in many ways. An investigation is vital to determining the cause and taking the necessary steps to receive compensation. If car accidents are due to distracted driving, this can be a crucial part of a successful claim. A law firm experienced in auto accidents should be contacted for advice and help.