Man and two daughters suffer serious injuries in auto accident

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2019 | Car Accidents

When on the road in Staten Island and throughout New York City, it is common to see drivers who are behaving recklessly and making illegal maneuvers in their vehicles. There are many reasons for this including distraction, driving under the influence or simply being in a rush. When drivers are behaving in such a way, it can cause auto accidents with serious injuries and fatalities. Considering the litany of problems people can face after these crashes including medical costs, the inability to work and more, a lawsuit is vital when thinking about compensation.

An auto accident in the evening at around 9:40 p.m. led to a man and his two daughters being seriously hurt and the driver of the vehicle that is believed to have caused the crash arrested. According to the law enforcement investigation, a 50-year-old man was driving a Honda Accord and was heading north in the right lane of the roadway. His daughters, eight and 10, were in the backseat. A 23-year-old woman driving a Dodge Charger was also going north. She was in the center lane. She is believed to have attempted to make a right turn from the center lane when she hit the Honda.

The Honda subsequently went out of control and hit a utility pole. The driver of the Charger was not injured and stayed at the scene. She was found to have been driving without a license and was arrested. All three people in the Honda suffered head trauma. They were hospitalized and in critical condition. The next day, they were said to have improved. The investigation is continuing.

When there is any kind of auto accident, it is important to think about the injuries themselves and how best to treat them. It is also important to consider the future and how a person’s life can be altered by it. Medical care, lost income, needing help to perform tasks and more can impact not only the injured person, but the family as well. This is especially worrisome when children were hurt. Calling a law firm that understands how to gather evidence and move forward with a lawsuit is essential after an automobile accident.