Study: Many distracted, drunk and drowsy drivers are on the road

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2019 | Car Accidents

When people are behind the wheel in New York and across the nation, there are many activities they will take part in that place themselves and others at risk. Included is driving while under the influence, driving while distracted and drowsy driving. This is risky and happens all-too frequently, but the statistics as to how often drivers behave this way are even more troublesome. If there has been a crash with injuries and death, it is imperative to know whether these behaviors were a factor.

A recent study by was conducted to coincide with National Safety Month and illustrates how often drivers are drunk, distracted and drowsy. The study indicates that 24 percent of people who took part said they drove drunk. Twenty percent said they fell asleep behind the wheel. Thirty-one percent admitted to checking their cellphones when behind the wheel. Other risky behaviors drivers admitted to included going through stop signs and red lights.

On a positive note, 91 percent of drivers say they wear their seatbelts when behind the wheel. Unfortunately, their other behaviors place themselves and others at risk of being in an auto accident. In addition to the 20 percent of drivers who said they fell asleep behind the wheel, 71 percent of drivers said they have driven while they were drowsy. Regarding other behaviors, 89 percent said they drove beyond the posted speed limit; 40 percent said they experienced road rage; 58 percent ran stop signs; 47 percent ran a red light; 62 percent waited too long to change the tires on their vehicle; 36 percent said they believed driving drunk was more dangerous than driving high on marijuana; 3 percent said marijuana was worse; and 61 percent say they are the same.

The roads are treacherous enough without needing to worry about what other drivers are doing behind the wheel. Unfortunately, there are many behaviors and circumstances that place people in danger. If there is an accident with injuries and death, the family who has been impacted will have financial and personal concerns that must be addressed. Contacting a law firm that understands how to investigate auto accidents to determine the cause is crucial to filing a successful lawsuit.