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Rise of ride hail vehicles might increase fatal auto crashes

For New Yorkers, ride hailing and ride share services are viewed in a positive light as they provide a way to get around without needing to wait for public transportation or to drive. There are undoubtedly benefits to Uber, Lyft and lesser-known services. However, recent research indicates that there could be risks with these services including a rise in auto accidents with serious injuries and fatalities. For people who have been injured or lost a loved one in a crash, it is important to understand the details of this study to determine if a ride hailing vehicle was involved and if this can factor in with a legal filing for compensation.

New York intersections can be dangerous places

Traveling by motor vehicle or as a pedestrian in New York can be stressful. You might be one of many daily commuters who have to fight city traffic and try to get to work on time despite bumper-to-bumper congestion. Maybe you're among the few who live close enough to walk to work or simply like to get outdoors for a brisk walk on your lunch break. It's imperative to remain alert and cautious, no matter which form of travel you choose.

Study examines common areas of medical misdiagnosis

New Yorkers who are having a medical issue, illness or condition will visit a doctor or a hospital for an examination to find the problem and try to solve it. Whether it is a minor or major health concern, there is an expectation that the accurate medical diagnosis will be made. If it is not, the problem can worsen. A misdiagnosis, a delayed diagnosis or a diagnosis that is completely missed can lead to serious health complications and even death. For people who have been impacted by these egregious medical mistakes, it is imperative to have legal advice on how to proceed with a lawsuit.

When can mowing your lawn cause fatal motorcycle accidents?

Yard work is just one chore that comes with homeownership. Mowing the lawn may seem to be a task that bothers no one. However, what people in New York may not know is that grass clippings left on the street after mowing the lawn may make the road dangerous for motorcyclists. In fact, grass clippings left on the road can be as dangerous as ice on the road for motorcyclists.

Summer is a peak time for pedestrian accidents in New York

While pedestrians are a common site on Staten Island, summertime sees an increase in pedestrian activity across New York. When the weather is pleasant, people are more apt to want to take a walk, jog outside or ride their bikes. However, it is essential that motorists pay extra attention to pedestrians in their vicinity in the summer months, to avoid causing a pedestrian accident.

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