Hit-and-run pedestrian accident kills woman crossing street

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2019 | Pedestrian Accidents

Despite New York lawmakers and law enforcement officials making attempts to improve pedestrian safety in various ways, the streets are still rife with danger. Vehicles are rushing back and forth, there are many drivers whose living relies on getting as many passengers as possible and the hurried nature of the city has inherent risks. Still, drivers are expected to keep a close eye on pedestrians and to adhere to the law. When automobile-pedestrian accidents happen, they can cause serious injuries and death.

According to recent reports, a taxi crashed into a woman as she crossed the street, killing her. The 82-year-old driver hit the woman while she was in the crosswalk. The 77-year-old pedestrian was thrown under a parked vehicle. The driver continued driving. The woman was taken to the hospital, where she died. The driver was stopped. According to him, the light was green. There was evidence of the impact on the vehicle, with a cracked windshield and a piece of the woman’s hair visible. The front of the vehicle was also damaged. The driver faces charges of failure to yield, not adhering to a traffic signal and other violations.

It is unfortunate that fatal pedestrian accidents are so common in New York. Since pedestrians have no protection whatsoever when they are hit by a car, fatalities are common. There are many hazards increasing the number of pedestrian crashes. These factors include the rise of distracted drivers. Even if the pedestrian survives, that person will likely have a drastically changed life, with medical costs, lost income, the need for help from others and more. The investigation is critical to determine how and why the accident occurred. This is vital to pursuing compensation after a pedestrian accident.