Worker hit by a car suffers serious injuries in Staten Island

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2019 | Pedestrian Accidents

Road workers are prevalent in Staten Island and across New York City. When these workers are doing their jobs, it is important for drivers to watch where they are going and keep safety in mind. Unfortunately, some drivers might not adhere to the proper safety requirements and accidents will happen. If a worker or any pedestrian is hit by a car, there can be broken bones, brain injuries, spinal cord damage and other problems that require medical care. A legal filing might be necessary to recover sufficient compensation to pay for all that was lost.

According to a recent report, a man was hit by a car and had injuries to his neck and body. He wore a yellow safety vest indicating that he was a worker. He was seen moving his head and his fingers and was breathing. An ambulance arrived and there was limited information on the man’s condition. There were two vehicles that had damage to them. One had damage to its front and the other to its driver side. People who were nearby said they heard the screeching of brakes before the accident. The investigation into the crash is continuing.

There are many dangers on the road, but for pedestrians who work in the roadway these are exacerbated. Drivers can behave recklessly, negligently, be distracted and be under the influence. Pedestrian accidents are particularly damaging because the pedestrian does not have any protection whatsoever. This leaves them vulnerable to serious injuries and even death. When there is a pedestrian accident, a full assessment into its cause is key.

The recent incident shows that a pedestrian accident can result in serious injuries.