Crashes and more make New York one of worst driving U.S. cities

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2019 | Car Accidents

New Yorkers who have driven throughout the city will understand the problems that arise from such a bustling and crowded municipality. However, until they hear about the statistical facts regarding driving in New York, they might not realize how difficult it truly is. With the number of vehicles on the road, bicyclists, pedestrians, auto accidents and other factors, recent research found that New York is one of the worst cities in which to drive. This should be considered when there is a crash and people are considering a legal filing to be compensated for all they have lost.

The study was conducted by WalletHub. In the study, New York came in 92nd out of 100 in the survey for the best and worst cities in which to drive. There were 30 factors that were considered in the 100 cities with the highest populations. Included were the rate of auto accidents, how frequently vehicles were stolen, the cost of gas, congestion and how easy it is to maintain a vehicle.

For traffic and infrastructure, New York came in last. That category is used to detail how well bridges and roads are maintained, how long people need to sit in traffic, the amount of time for their commute and more. Regarding cost of owning and maintaining a vehicle, New York was 93rd out of 100. That encompasses how much it costs to purchase a new vehicle, the gas prices, how much insurance costs, parking and maintenance. A previous study focused on ranking states in how good or bad they were for drivers. New York came in 30th out of the 50 states in that ranking.

It should not come as a surprise that New York City is so low in the rankings for worst driving cities. There are constant dangers and challenges when navigating the roads that people have multiple problems doing so. That includes auto accidents. Since wrecks can lead to injuries, a hospitalization, extensive treatment, long-term damage, lost wages and fatalities, it is essential for people to know what they can do after car accidents occur.