Motorcycle accidents: What you need to know

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2019 | Firm News

Motorcycle enthusiasts often talk about how good it feels to ride their bikes. They talk about freedom, feeling the elements around them and the love of the open road. As the year draws to a close, fewer of them will be on the roadways, which makes now a good time to consider other aspects of motorcycle riding.

Most motorbike riders know that they face risks that other motorists do not. They generally take precautions by following driving laws and wearing protective gear, like helmets. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents still happen here in New York and around the country. If you enjoy riding your motorcycle, you need to know exactly what you are facing and what to do if the unthinkable happens and you are in an accident.

Why motorcyclists face more risks

It’s not difficult to understand why those on motorcycles are at greater risk of injury or fatality in a crash. There are several challenges that only this type of motorist faces. For example, motorcycles are more difficult to spot because they are smaller than most vehicles. A large truck may prevent a motorist from seeing a rider before it’s too late. Some commonplace roadway dangers can be particularly risky for motorcyclists, such as potholes or debris on the roadway. A motorcycle is more vulnerable to these hazards.

There are other risks that aren’t as concerning for a car as they are for a motorcycle. A car with misaligned tires could be an inconvenience, but a motorcycle with a wobbling front tire puts its rider at serious risk of injury or fatality. Also, though any kind of inexperienced driver generates risk of an accident, when you’re talking about a motorcyclist, that inexperience is much more significant, since it requires a great deal of balance and skill to ride a motorbike.

Statistics reveal the truth

Several studies show these risks plainly. Drivers of other vehicles are often responsible for motorcycle accidents. Two-thirds of motorcycle crashes with another vehicle result from the other vehicle failing to give the right of way to the biker. When motorcycle crashes happen, bikers are 26 times more likely to lose their lives and 5 times more likely to suffer injury than someone in a regular vehicle. The number of fatal motorcycle accidents doubled since 1999 despite the fact that fatalities in other kinds of motor vehicle crashes dropped.

Who is at fault?

A motorcycle accident can be devastating in any circumstance, but when it is caused by another careless driver, it is important to hold that person responsible. There are instances where a design defect is to blame for a motorcycle crash. This happens if the manufacturer fails to properly assemble the motorcycle and can have serious consequences. No matter how a motorcycle accident occurs, it is important that victims and their families understand their available legal options for seeking justice.