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New steps designed to prevent auto-bicycle crashes in New York

The dangers to bicyclists in New York City are well-known. As more people have taken up bicycle riding and are using it as a common method of transportation, it has increased the danger of catastrophic injuries and death in bicycle-auto accidents. To improve the landscape for riders, legislators and transportation staff are making various attempts to ensure safety. Still, these accidents are likely to occur no matter what and people who have been hurt or who have lost a loved one should be mindful of what they should do to attempt to recover compensation in a lawsuit.

Medical issues after an uneven pavement fall

When people think about injuries due to premises liability in New York, one of the most common issues is if a property owner has failed to maintain a safe area as required by law. When there are broken sidewalks, uneven pavement, dangerous objects on the property and other factors, it can cause people to fall and become injured. These injuries can result in medical costs and long-term injuries. After a fall, it is imperative to know how to attempt to recover compensation from the property owner for all that was lost.

A picture is worth a thousand words following a car accident

Your day starts out as any other ordinary day. You make your way to the office, hoping for a smooth commute and workday. Unfortunately, your commute ends up being anything but smooth when a car suddenly strikes your vehicle and causes you injuries. And your workday? Well, you probably won't be going to work today after all.

Child dies in auto-bicycle accident, driver arrested

There is significant attention being paid to bicycle accidents throughout New York. With the increasing number of people who are riding bikes, crashes with catastrophic injuries and fatalities have been rising commensurately. While adults are taking to bike riding more, it is an activity that has always been popular with children. If the auto-bike accident involved a child, the injuries and long-term consequences can be worse.

Certain auto makes correlated with dangerous driver behavior

A recent study based on data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that people who drive Infiniti-brand vehicles have the most accidents due to alcohol or speeding in the U.S. The researchers assessed the vehicles based on how drivers behaved when driving them. They used 250 or more fatal crashes from 2017. The cars were also split based on being luxury, non-luxury, domestic and foreign.

Rise in city employee auto collisions a worrisome issue

Auto accidents are a major concern in New York City. The city is such a large municipality and it is so busy that some auto accidents are seemingly unavoidable. However, many of these collisions involve people who are employed by the city and are in a vehicle that is provided to them by the government. This is causing concern as there has been an increase in these specific types of wrecks. People who were involved in a crash with a city vehicle must think about the aftermath and know what steps they can take to recover compensation.

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