A picture is worth a thousand words following a car accident

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2019 | Firm News

Your day starts out as any other ordinary day. You make your way to the office, hoping for a smooth commute and workday. Unfortunately, your commute ends up being anything but smooth when a car suddenly strikes your vehicle and causes you injuries. And your workday? Well, you probably won’t be going to work today after all.

The good news is that if the accident was the result of the other driver’s negligent behavior, you have the right to seek compensation for your injuries in civil court. To get the results you want, however, you need to be able to prove the damages you have sustained. This is where photos can be highly effective.

Why accident photographs are so critical

It is a wise move to take photographs of the scene of your accident, the damage your car sustained, and your physical injuries immediately following the wreck. Why? Because if you preserve this evidence through photography, you can more easily support your damage claim in court. Pictures can be helpful for determining how much is appropriate for you to receive in monetary damages following the accident.

How to take effective photos of your car accident

When capturing photos of the scene, it is a good idea to first take some general shots of the area. This includes capturing the crash scene from various angles. Then, you can take more detailed shots of the vehicles involved in the collision.

It is also important to photograph traffic signs or lights in the area of the crash scene. Photographing the weather conditions at the time of the crash, such as snow, clouds or rain, may also be helpful. Other items that might be worth photographing following the wreck include insurance cards, license plates and even the area surrounding the scene, which may feature skid marks, for example.

Seeking monetary damages following your injury-causing accident

It is within your rights following your accident to file a personal injury claim against the person who caused the crash due to negligent behavior behind the wheel. You must establish liability in civil court before a judge will rule on your claims for financial damages. If you are successful, you may receive a monetary award that might help you to cover your medical bills, the loss of wages and other expenses associated with the collision.