Certain auto makes correlated with dangerous driver behavior

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2019 | Car Accidents

A recent study based on data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that people who drive Infiniti-brand vehicles have the most accidents due to alcohol or speeding in the U.S. The researchers assessed the vehicles based on how drivers behaved when driving them. They used 250 or more fatal crashes from 2017. The cars were also split based on being luxury, non-luxury, domestic and foreign.

Around one-third of the fatal crashes in which an Infiniti was involved had speed as a factor. This was the most of any type of vehicle and was nearly 8% higher than the national average of slightly more than 25%. The vehicle type that had the fewest speeding-related accidents was Kia, at 22%. Those who drove luxury or foreign vehicles were found to have a higher propensity for speeding crashes that led to a fatality. Regarding alcohol, Infiniti was again at the top at 25.1%. The national average was 18.1%. This slightly surpassed Pontiac at 23.6%. In this category, economy and domestic vehicles had more alcohol crashes than their luxury or foreign counterparts.

Infiniti was at the top for fatal hit-and-run crashes at 4.3%. Next was Mercedes-Benz at 4.2%. The national average is 2.7%. Luxury vehicles fled a fatal crash at 3.3%; economy vehicles did so in 2.6% of these wrecks. With fatal marijuana-related crashes, Pontiac led at 6.7%. That is more than twice the national average at 3.3%. Infiniti was not ranked in this category.

The type of vehicle involved in the collision is just one of many factors that should be considered after an auto accident. Because car accidents can lead to hospitalization, medical care and other expensive necessities, along with lost time on the job and a drastically changed life, it might be wise to think about ways to cover those costs after auto accidents.