New steps designed to prevent auto-bicycle crashes in New York

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2019 | Car Accidents

The dangers to bicyclists in New York City are well-known. As more people have taken up bicycle riding and are using it as a common method of transportation, it has increased the danger of catastrophic injuries and death in bicycle-auto accidents. To improve the landscape for riders, legislators and transportation staff are making various attempts to ensure safety. Still, these accidents are likely to occur no matter what and people who have been hurt or who have lost a loved one should be mindful of what they should do to attempt to recover compensation in a lawsuit.

Transportation officials have unveiled what they refer to as the “green wave.” This is a plan to alter the timing of traffic signals to allow riders to have consecutive green lights and keep them from needing to stop and be aware of vehicles coming from various directions at intersections. Folded in with the “Vision Zero” initiative that was implemented to make riding safer, green wave is meant to go further to help riders avoid crashes. These decisions happen as bicyclists are more vulnerable than they have been in years. So far in 2019, there have been 25 bicyclist deaths. This is a rise from 10 in 2018 and is the most in 20 years.

The city has also redesigned intersections and created protected bicycle lanes. With the change to the timing of green lights, a cyclist who is traveling at between 10 and 15 miles per hour will hit the green lights consistently. Drivers who are going 25 miles per hour – the speed limit – will hit red lights. Of course, a concern is that drivers will ignore the speed limit and seek to time their driving to hit the green lights as well, and cause greater danger to riders and pedestrians.

The potential for long-term damage to bicyclists who have been involved in an accident with a motor vehicle are obvious. Brain trauma, spinal cord injuries, broken bones and other issues can result. This can lead to massive medical costs, lost income and a drastically changed life for the person and his or her family. If there is a fatality, these problems are exacerbated. Regardless of how the city tries to make the roads safer, these accidents can still happen. After an injury or death in a bicycle crash, having legal options is crucial.