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Pedestrian dies after being hit by turning school bus

The dangers faced by pedestrians throughout New York City has garnered significant attention as lawmakers and safety advocates seek strategies to reduce pedestrian accidents. Unfortunately, these accidents continue to occur and people are seriously hurt and even lose their lives on a regular basis. Many of these accidents involve vehicles that fail to yield or that hit a pedestrian in crosswalk accidents. Due to their vulnerability, pedestrians can suffer long-term damage and death in these collisions.

Danger of auto crashes increases with daylight saving

Daylight saving is an annual occurrence in New York and across the nation. People expect it and might be under the impression that they can make a seamless transition without significant risk accompanying it. However, there are statistical and practical dangers that people will face on the roadways when there is the "fall back" in autumn. Changing the time might make it feel as if a person is getting an extra hour of sleep, but there are still inherent dangers on the roads. Understanding these can be critical to avoiding auto collisions.

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