Serious injuries can result from needless heart surgery

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2019 | Medical Malpractice

When a New Yorker and people across the nation are suffering from heart disease and other heart-related issues, they will take advice from their physician to address the problem. This can include many strategies including medication and surgery. However, while surgical procedures can be effective, there are dangers with them such as hospital-related infections and other serious injuries. Recent research indicates that people with certain heart issues who had surgery to treat it might not have needed to do so. For those injured or who died because of any potentially unnecessary surgery, it might be wise to file a legal claim for compensation.

A significant study suggests that people with heart disease that is severe but stable due to clogged arteries will not have a much better chance of avoiding a heart attack or death if they have surgery when compared to the results from medication. In addition, bypass surgeries and stents could put the person at risk. It is important to note that this information is applicable for people who have not had a heart attack.

Worrisome aftereffects include people who took part in the study having a greater likelihood of surgical recipients experiencing heart issues or dying in the subsequent year. In the first year, 7% of those who had surgery had a heart attack, died due to heart problems, had cardiac arrest or needed to be hospitalized because of heart failure or chest pain. 5% had these problems after being treated with medication. After four years, those numbers were reversed. Overall, the rates were comparable.

Prior to this study, medical professionals had recommended surgery for these issues. This has been the template for approximately four decades. Given the number of Americans who are suffering from clogged arteries – an estimated 17 million – this is a vital study. Despite its commonality, a bypass procedure is invasive and can be complicated. Any surgery can cause the patient to suffer damage after the fact even if the new conditions, injuries or illnesses had nothing to do with the heart condition.

While there are situations where a surgical procedure is necessary, that is not always the case and people who suffered damage after the surgery could be worse off than they otherwise would have been. For those who believe they were negatively impacted by unnecessary surgery, suffered serious injuries or lost a loved one should think about a legal filing. A law firm experienced in medical malpractice may help.