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December 2019 Archives

Piece of façade falls, leading to fatality in New York City

Construction work and maintenance is an everyday occurrence in any large city, but our state seems to have more of these projects that anywhere else. While it is necessary, there is still danger when they are ongoing. Many issues can lead to a dangerous situation and people might be seriously injured and lose their lives because of lapses in safety or the failure to address known issues. People who have been affected by falling objects, dangerous property conditions or other examples of violations related to premises liability should know how to recover compensation in a lawsuit.

Parking lots are like minefields during the winter

Parking lots in Staten Island are hazardous areas year-round, but they can be like minefields during the winter. If a parking lot accident spoiled your winter holiday, you might have questions about whom to hold responsible and your rights to recover damages. The answers to those questions need analysis of the circumstances that led to the car accident.

Drowsy drivers a major danger on the road

When thinking about the potential dangers on the road in the New York Metropolitan area, people will name texting and driving, drunk driving, speeding, recklessness and other examples before drowsy driving comes up. However, drivers getting behind the wheel when they are drowsy is also a major risk for motor vehicle accidents. When crashes occur, it is important to consider the cause when seeking compensation for medical costs, lost income and a wrongful death.

Distracted drivers still permeate the nation's roadways

Texting and driving and other distracting behaviors behind the wheel have been problematic in New York since smartphones became commonplace. Law enforcement and legislators have tried to formulate strategies to lower the number of distracted drivers. Despite laws being passed and crackdowns imposed, it continues. With the number of people who are injured or lose their lives in collisions due to distracted drivers, this should be considered whenever there is a crash.

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