If a driver hits you, then they need to be held accountable

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2020 | Car Accidents

There’s never a day when a person starts out thinking, “I’m going to get hurt today.” You probably thought today was just like any other when you got into your car. Unfortunately, the trip to work didn’t go as planned, and a driver who was texting on their way to school crashed into your tail end at a local stop light.

The crash itself was at a relatively low speed, but the other vehicle pushed yours into the intersection. That led to a second collision that resulted in your driver’s side door taking the brunt of the damage. You have a concussion, multiple broken ribs and other injuries that have left you completely unable to care for yourself or even consider leaving the hospital as a result.

If a crash happens, the driver who is responsible should pay

When another driver hits you, it should be their responsibility to cover your financial losses. You may not be able to work for some time. Depending on your injuries, you could be permanently disabled. You might live with chronic pain or have multiple surgeries in the future. Whatever the situation is, if the other driver is responsible, then you have a right to pursue a claim against them.

Most people carry insurance for this reason. If you pursue a claim against their insurance, then the carrier may offer you a settlement relatively soon following your accident. Be cautious. You can only accept a settlement once; you may want to have your attorney negotiate with the agent prior to taking a settlement offer.

Our site has more on what you can do after a crash to protect yourself. You deserve fair treatment for what you’ve been through.