Construction accidents are often preventable

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2020 | Injuries

Many hazards exist at construction sites, so it is up to the company to do what it can to boost worker safety. There are many facets that must be covered for these situations. Setting up proper safety protocol is one of the most important things that these companies can do; however, there are some hazards that even the best program won’t be able to address.

One issue that can come up is that equipment might have defects that make them unsafe. These might not always be evident from an outward inspection of the items, and they might not show up on the initial use of the equipment.

Many tools and pieces of equipment are recalled on a regular basis. Cordless drills, nail guns, saws and chainsaws are some of the tools that are commonly recalled. Overheating that leads to burns or melting is the most common defect that can occur.

Even heavy equipment like backhoes and excavators can be defective. The issues can vary greatly, but they might include sharp objects being left without guards, improperly functioning moving components and malfunctioning engines.

Some items have safety mechanisms that are meant to help protect the user. When these fail, there is a chance that the user will be injured. An example of this is when a guard on a saw breaks off or isn’t as secure as it should be. The person using the saw might be cut.

When the reason for the worker injury is defective or recalled equipment, the worker might choose to pursue a third-party lawsuit. The goal of this is to hold the manufacturer accountable for the damages that the worker suffered.