Beware of neck and back injuries after a wreck

| Mar 4, 2020 | Car Accidents

The force of a crash can have many effects on the body. The back and neck are particularly vulnerable to injuries from the impact. Anyone who was in a car wreck should pay close attention to how these areas are faring after the incident.

There is a chance that if you were in an accident, you might feel fine at first. As time goes on, you could begin to have symptoms that alert you that something is amiss. Getting medical care if this happens is important because you need to determine whether you have a serious injury.

Back strains are possible consequences of a car wreck. Strains are caused by the overstretching of the back muscles and ligaments. There is a chance that a sprain could impact your spinal alignment, which can also lead to pain and other symptoms.

Whiplash, which is most common after rear-end accidents, is another possibility. The ligaments, connective tissues and muscles in the neck can suffer damage in the wreck. This can lead to pain, loss of range of motion and stiffness.

When the neck or back is injured, you may feel nerve pain in the body. This is most often felt in a limb or digit, and it is the result of pinched or inflamed nerve. Numbness, burning, and tingling are all possible signs that there is a nerve problem.

The cost of treatment is directly related to the injury you have and may be expensive if the injury is catastrophic. Victims might choose to seek compensation for the financial impacts of the wreck from the liable party.