Do these things when you’re walking in New York City

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2020 | Car Accidents

Walking around New York City is a great way to experience what it has to offer. One issue that’s become more evident is that distractions are causing people to do unsafe things that can lead to them harming themselves or others. It is imperative that anyone who’s moving around in the city focuses on making it to their destination safely. 

Pedestrians should remember that traffic in the city is heavy and congested. This makes it important for people who are walking to only cross the street at crosswalks or intersections, and they should only do this when it is their turn. Most intersections in the city have traffic signals for pedestrians to let them know when they should cross. Never try to cross the street when the signal is red because this means that it isn’t your turn. 

Don’t walk around while you’re looking down at your phone. This can lead to you missing hazards on the sidewalk. It could even cause you to step off the sidewalk and into oncoming traffic. If you do need to look at your phone, step aside and stop to check it. Keeping your eyes focused where you’re walking can also enable you to see things around the city you might have missed before. 

Even when you follow all the rules and take appropriate safety precautions, you might still be struck by a vehicle. Pedestrians who are knocked down by a car can suffer serious injuries that require urgent medical care. This is often a costly event in the victim’s life. They might choose to seek compensation for the injuries they suffer by filing a civil lawsuit against the driver of the vehicle that slammed into them.