Stay alert if you run with music

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2020 | Pedestrian Accidents

Running purists often say they don’t want music, podcasts, audiobooks or anything else to distract them while they run. They want to be focused. They need to be dialed in to run their very best. 

For perhaps the majority of runners, though, the boredom of long distances becomes one of the most common issues. You can push your body for an hour physically, but running for so long makes you feel like you’re mentally wearing down. You want to quit just because you’re so bored, even though you could have gone farther. 

One of the most common distractions is music. People put on headphones, crank up their favorite songs, and run down sidewalks and roads all over the state. Some even feel that they run better when listening to music they love. 

If you choose to do this, make sure you stay alert. Scan the road with your eyes at all times. Don’t get so lost in the music that you stop paying attention to traffic. A distraction may help you run, but it can also expose you to some very real risks. You don’t hear the cars and other vehicles around you. That means you lose one key indicator of a coming risk. 

Some people even argue that the increase in risk is not worth it. They say that you should not wear headphones at all. Many runners ignore this advice, but it’s worth considering. That said, headphones or not, if you get hit by a negligent driver, you need to know what rights you may have to compensation