Suffered a knee injury? You could be in for months in recovery

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2020 | Pedestrian Accidents

You were heading to your vehicle from your office when a driver suddenly pulled out and ran straight into you. As a pedestrian, you had no protection against the hit, and you found yourself dozens of feet away from the place where you were hit moments before.

You initially thought you were okay, but it wasn’t actually the case, as soon as you moved, the pain in your knee was excruciating. You ended up in the hospital, where you found out that you had torn ligaments around the joint. Now, you’ll have months of recovery if you ever want to have complete function of the joint again.

Tendon tears are significant because it means that the muscles are not connected well to the bone. A full-thickness tear literally means that the entire tendon has snapped, leaving no way for the muscle to manipulate the bones or joints. If this happens, you’ll usually need emergency surgery to repair the damage. Waiting too long can potentially make the injury inoperable.

This kind of injury is very painful, and it has the potential to be excruciating throughout the recovery as well. Surgery, physical therapy and relearning to walk are all significant challenges that you’ll be forced to overcome in the future if you intend to use the joint regularly again.

If you suffer a serious injury like this, it’s important that the person who harmed you is held responsible for their actions. For a pedestrian who is hit by a driver, that may mean filing an insurance claim or personal injury claim against them, so you can seek fair compensation for your injuries.