If you’re in a multi-vehicle crash, you deserve support

On Behalf of | May 13, 2020 | Car Accidents

You were on your way to see a friend when you noticed traffic slowing up ahead. You put your brakes on, but the person behind you must not have been paying attention. Though you gave them plenty of warning, they ended up ramming into the tail-end of your vehicle at a high speed.

That force ended up pushing your vehicle into the one ahead of you. You suffered serious injuries, the vehicle’s driver ahead of you now has whiplash and the drive behind you is acting like they don’t know how the multi-vehicle crash happened. 

Distractions, drowsiness and drunk driving can all be factors that play a role in crashes like yours. In your case, the driver might have been texting, putting on makeup, adjusting the radio or doing something other than looking ahead at your vehicle. As a result, it’s important that you are able to pursue a claim against them and to hold them accountable for the injuries that you’ve suffered.

On your end, you could end up facing your own trouble if the driver ahead of you tries to pursue a personal injury lawsuit against you. This could get complicated, which is why it’s a smart choice to talk to your attorney about what to expect with liability after a multi-vehicle collision

Your primary focus should be on recovering your health after you’ve been injured, so it’s okay to allow your attorney to negotiate and speak with insurance agents, the authorities and others on your behalf. As a victim, you deserve support and should be informed of your rights before pursuing your own claim.