New York’s problem with crumbling facades

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2020 | Premises Liability

In what’s been described as a chain-reaction accident, one person was killed and three more were injured when part of a parapet fell off a Manhattan building that was undergoing repairs. According to witnesses, debris from the building hit a rig being used for the construction, causing the rig to slam into the scaffolding and cause further damages and injuries. Investigators are still trying to get a better picture of what happened.

Accidents like these are increasingly common in New York, where there are more than 1,400 buildings covered in scaffolding at all times because they need structural repairs. Many of those scaffolds have been sitting around for years because landlords find it cheaper to just ignore the problems. Violations and fines are routinely ignored.

Construction workers like the hardhat who was killed in the recent incident aren’t the only people getting hurt in accidents related to scaffolding and crumbling facades. Carpenters, electricians, visitors to office buildings and even people trying to get from one location to the next on the street can end up suffering devastating injuries or a loss of life.

Accidents on construction sites can be complicated to litigate. They require extensive investigation of the accident scene, interviews with workers and witnesses and an aggressive approach when dealing with the insurance companies and building owners involved. If your loved one was killed on a construction site or you were hurt due to falling scaffolding or debris from a building, get an experienced advocate’s assistance with your claim. Don’t let an insurance company deprive you of the compensation you and your family need to move forward.