What are some of the most dangerous pieces of heavy equipment on construction sites?

| Nov 20, 2020 | Injuries

Many dangers exist in and around construction sites. The Center for Construction Research and Training (CCRT) argues that vehicle-involved accidents are the primary causes of fatalities. Machinery or heavy equipment incidents follow closely behind. CCRT data shows that certain equipment leaves workers more vulnerable to getting hurt or killed than others.

The most dangerous equipment on construction sites

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data shows that cranes are the most dangerous type of heavy equipment on construction sites. They resulted in 632 individuals losing their lives between 1992 and 2006. Most of these incidents occurred after a load fell from the crane. Others happened after the crane became imbalanced or collapsed atop individuals congregating near it.

Excavators, bulldozers and backhoes are three other dangerous pieces of heavy equipment. Workers often use them for digging, heavy lifting, demolition, mining and materials handling. It’s not uncommon for operators to clip overhead utility lines when using this equipment, causing anyone nearby to be electrocuted. The hydraulics on these vehicles often malfunctions and individuals suffer crushing injuries after being struck by the equipment.

Dump trucks can also be deadly. Individuals often suffer struck-by injuries, especially if a driver’s unpredictable movements result in them dropping a load at an inopportune time. Additionally, the mechanical or electrical components that allow the truck’s bed to rise can malfunction, causing it to slam down and hurting others unexpectedly.

How often and why does heavy equipment kill?

BLS data shows that 991 people died on construction sites in 2016. Heavy equipment and large machinery were to blame for many of these incidents. While size was a factor that resulted in fatalities, employers’ or workers’ lack of adherence to adequate safety protocols, a lack of sufficient training or operational expertise and mishandling of the equipment were all factors that resulted in fatalities.

What you can do if you suffered injuries or lost a loved one

Construction site accidents are seldom as unpredictable as they may seem. Many dangers come with using machinery or heavy equipment. It’s a construction company’s job to adequately train their workers to safely operate the heavy equipment. If they don’t, then it’s likely someone will end up hurt.

A construction accident attorney can advise you how New York law allows you to recover compensation for your losses when someone else is to blame for you getting hurt here in Staten Island.