How pedestrians can avoid being victims of pedestrian crashes

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2020 | Pedestrian Accidents

Crashes between pedestrians and vehicles often cause severe injuries for the person walking and may mean weeks of missed work. Injuries could limit your work ability for the rest of your life or cause chronic pain. Therefore, a crash should always be a pedestrian’s priority.

Trying to stay safe on the road often requires that you are proactive as a pedestrian. There are two simple rules that can help you reduce your biggest risks for getting hurt by a car as a pedestrian.

Alcohol and distractions are dangerous for pedestrians too

You probably already recognize the risk of drunk driving and texting at the wheel. What you may not understand is that the same behaviors are risky when you’re a pedestrian as well.

Alcohol and distraction play a role in a significant number of pedestrian crashes every year. People under the influence or not paying attention might step right out in to traffic and wind up being hit. Both alcohol and distraction increase someone’s risk of becoming a pedestrian crash statistic.

Try to help people in cars notice you

People in vehicles often don’t notice pedestrians and cyclists. Their brains may simply not focus on either of them unless something draws their eye and attention. Bright colors, reflective clothing and illuminated bike accessories or other gear can help you be more visible to drivers.

Additionally, crossing at intersections and other marked places where people know to watch for you can help keep you safer. When people see you, they can stop and let you cross safely, while also avoiding maneuvers like a turn that will cross your path.

If you or a loved one has been struck and injured by a vehicle, it’s essential to get the compensation you need for expenses and damages. An experienced attorney can provide valuable guidance and assistance.