What Are The Crucial Steps After A Crash?

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2020 | Firm News

It’s easy to list out the mistakes a driver made in the moments after a car crash, but the fact is that many drivers can forget what steps they have to take through the daze of those proceeding moments. A car accident is a jarring event. A collision can be so disorienting that sometimes drivers will not realize the extent of their injuries. That’s why drivers must learn the necessary steps after a crash.

The importance of documentation

The most crucial step to take after a crash is to assess the extent of injuries present for you, your passengers and other vehicle’s occupants. After you see to any immediately pressing injuries and remove yourself and occupants to a safe waiting area, you need to call 911 and alert emergency services to your location. After that, there are several steps required to document the circumstances of the accident:

Take Photos: With everyone having a camera on their phones these days, it’s easy to take plenty of documenting photos to record the circumstances that led to an accident. In addition to the police report, this documentation is essential to establishing fault or negligence in an accident. Even though New York is a no-fault state for accidents, drivers may need to prove negligence for a ‘third party claim’ when there are injuries present.

Report to the police: Your statement to the police is essential to an insurance claim. Since a police report is supposed to be more objective, it’s a crucial part of a third party insurance claim. Your statement will likely be compared to the other drivers.

Get a medical report: Anyone involved in a car accident should seek medical attention afterward. Many injuries present few if any symptoms immediately after impact and need to be assessed by medical professionals. These injuries can include neck injuries or traumatic brain injuries. A medical report is another necessary document for establishing the injuries present.

Protect the future of your health

The injuries sustained through a motor vehicle collision can have lifelong consequences. Those who need years of medical treatment and rehabilitative care shouldn’t have to bear the brunt of that cost. Pursue all your options for compensation in the aftermath of a crash.