Who is responsible when someone is injured near a construction site?

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2021 | Premises Liability

As the weather gets warmer, New Yorkers will begin seeing even more construction projects pop up around the city. Pedestrians often find large sections of of the sidewalk taken over by these projects, and maneuvering around them safely can be a challenge.

Construction firms and other businesses involved in these projects have an obligation to do everything possible to keep pedestrians, bicyclists and bystanders in the vicinity of the site as safe as possible. However, injuries still occur. 

These injuries can be serious and even fatal

People can trip over debris that hasn’t been cleaned up or a hole that isn’t roped off. One woman was killed in New York City when a piece of plywood on a fence surrounding a construction site hit her.

Certainly, people should take care, respect any safety precautions posted around these sites and stay out of areas that are fenced or roped off. However, if someone is not acting carelessly and is injured or worse around a construction site, they or their surviving loved ones have a right to hold the appropriate parties liable.

Getting someone to take responsibility can be challenging

Just who that is can require some investigation, and you can come up against pushback from businesses trying to pass the buck. General contractors, subcontractors, construction companies and more can all try to argue that they aren’t the ones to blame.

That’s why it’s essential to seek experienced legal guidance. A personal injury attorney can determine who was responsible for the cause of the injury. They can also show that the injured party was not at fault and present a solid, compelling case to a judge and/or jury so that those responsible are held accountable and victims can receive the compensation they need and deserve.