Pedestrian accidents can leave behind lingering mental wounds 

On Behalf of | May 26, 2021 | Pedestrian Accidents

When people think of pedestrian accidents, they often think of the significant physical injuries someone might suffer in such an incident. Many individuals don’t realize that these accidents often leave someone with significant mental trauma that doesn’t easily subside. 

While no two victims are likely to experience the same outcomes, there are several mental health concerns that pedestrian accident victims must contend with more than others. 


Nearly 40% of motor vehicle accident victims experience flashbacks or recurrent dreams, symptoms consistent with post-traumatic stress disorder. While a pedestrian’s physical wounds might naturally over time, emotional ones may not. Pedestrian accident victims may constantly relive what happened to them because of the mental or emotional imprint it has left on their lives. 


The constant flashbacks that a pedestrian accident victim experiences can leave them feeling raw or on edge, much like they probably felt immediately after their incident. A pedestrian accident victim may fear being struck again and thus experience anxiety every time they attempt to walk outside. This may deteriorate their quality of life. 


Pedestrian accident victims may experience depression, especially the more arduous their recovery and the more socially detached they become as they convalesce. Residual physical scars may also cause a pedestrian accident victim mental anguish resulting in their depressive symptoms. 

You have options

It can take time to recover from the physical scars left behind by a pedestrian accident, but the emotional ones can linger for even longer. 

You may be able to alleviate your mental health symptoms resulting from your pedestrian accident by getting the right medical care, but it can be costly to do that. An attorney can advise you how New York law may allow you to receive compensation for the mental and physical injuries you have suffered.